Organic and Conventional Coffee

Coffee very tall!

During 2004, CODECH received funding from Intermon Oxfam, to manage and execute the project “Coffee and sustainable development for the municipality of Concepcion Huista”. With this project we wanted to support the small producers to produce and market organic coffee, thus preventing the pollution of the environment, taking rational advantage of the existing resources and making it easier to enter markets that recognize more favorable and stable prices for the growers.

Today, among the eight organizations, 550 hectares (Ha) of coffee are being cultivated, at an altitude that ranges between 1,000 and 2,032 meters above sea level, which enables us to obtain different qualities of the aromatic product. We have accomplished the certification of 300 Ha of conventional coffee under the modality of fair trade (FLO) and 250 Ha are certified as organic coffee, CODECH, S. A. marketing company was created and charged with the export of the product to the United States (conventional coffee) and to Spain and France (organic coffee).